Chère Amie, Cher Ami! C'est ici que cela se passe... vous pouvez laisser ici votre empreinte.... qui ne s'effacera jamais... Merci d'exister! Dominique

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Rédigé par Regina Perrusi(Padma Rintchen), le 28. févr., 2013
Dominique has got a great work with Pranayamas. Through his long experience, practice and the precious guidance of his master in the past, he is able to help many people to recover the pleasure of simply breathing, to breath correctly and mainly to be able to heal themselves just by breathing deeply and calmly.I am very glad to have met him in Brazil, where he has often come to help my yoga students in DharmaYoga Brazil. Soon we hope to bring him to DharmaYoga UK where we would love him to help teachers, students and anybody to that consider breath important to life over there! Namaste and long life with loads of Prana to Dominique Lonchant!!!